About the games

Welcome to Nijmegen 2022.

EuroGames Nijmegen 2022 is going to be an inclusive sporting event, a significant LGBTIQ+ event in 2022 combining EuroGames and a cultural program and side events. #LoveToMove!

Nijmegen is frontrunner
Nijmegen has long been a municipality with an active LGBTIQ+ policy. Nijmegen is even a frontrunner in the Netherlands in this regard. This means that Nijmegen is one of the most active municipalities in the country with regard to the visibility, emancipation and inclusion of LGBTIQ+’s. Nijmegen thinks it is important to set a good example when it comes to LGBTIQ+ representation. Nijmegen uses gender-neutral communication and has among other things, gender-neutral toilets at the city hall and in the municipal district accommodations.

Nijmegen is a rainbow municipality
Nijmegen is one of the 75 rainbow municipalities – also called rainbow cities – in the Netherlands. Of the 75 municipalities in the Netherlands, 54 have signed a declaration of intent with the Minister of Education. By signing this letter of intent, municipalities indicate their active commitment to the acceptance, emancipation, and safety of LGBTIQ+’s in their own city. By doing so, the municipalities want to combat problems such as discrimination on the housing market, intimidation and violence. These municipalities receive subsidies from the government for this purpose.

EuroGames Nijmegen 2022 will include about 15 different sport events, all with their own tournaments. All tournaments will take place across Nijmegen between 27-30 July, and we expect around 1.500 athletes. All tournaments will include series for female and male identified players, and some team sports may include a league for mixed-gender teams. Furthermore, each tournament will include several levels to make sure that athletes of all levels, from beginner to pro, can compete and have fun. #Lovetomove

Opening Ceremony on 27 July
The Nijmegen 2022 EuroGames will kick off with a creative opening ceremony right in the heart of the city center: visibility is key during our EuroGames. Admission to the opening ceremony will be free for all.

Sports Village
We will create a designated village in the center of Nijmegen, where athletes and participants can meet like-minded people. After finishing your sporty day, this village will become the place where you meet up with friends, celebrate each other’s achievements, grab a bite to eat and enjoy some music. The sports village will be a hub where athletes and visitors alike can meet in a relaxed atmosphere after the sports competitions. Various stalls and activities to be set up in the village will focus on the themes of sports, sustainability, health and meeting people. During the EuroGames, the village will be Nijmegen’s vibrant hotspot.

Nijmegen knows how to celebrate a party. Staged in the third week of July, the Nijmegen Summer Festival, with its famous Pink Wednesday, has become a household name nationwide. As for the EuroGames, various parties will be invited to organise festivities at various locations in the city center during the sports event

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