Signing in

Report to the registration desk during the EuroGames week and pick up your goodie bag!

If you are registered as an athlete in the EuroGames 2022 Nijmegen, we welcome you to sign in at our registration desk in the Festivalhuis in Nijmegen from Tuesday 26 July onwards. On this page, you will find further information on how the signing in for the EuroGames 2022 will work.

What do I bring and what do I get?
In the week before the EuroGames you will receive an official confirmation letter via e-mail. We ask you to show us this confirmation e-mail so we can easily check your registration on our lists.
You do not have to print this letter; we can also check this from a mobile device.

Once our volunteers have checked your registration, we will hand you your goodie bag and your EuroGames wristband, which may give you access to your sports tournament, and will also entitle you to discounted fees for offers from our partners.
If you have ordered an official EuroGames participant t-shirt or our NimmaQ mascot, you can collect this at the Merchandise desk in the same buiding.

Where is the registration desk?
Our registration desk is located next to the Sport Village, in the city centre of Nijmegen. It is called ‘Festivalhuis’. The address is Mariënburg 75, 6511 PS Nijmegen. View on map.

What are the opening times?
Because the field hockey tournament starts a day earlier than most of the other sports, we are already welcoming our field hockey players on Tuesday 26 July. All other athletes can sign up on the first official day of the event on Wednesday 27 July.

Athletes who are unable to make it to the registration desk before the official start of the EuroGames, the Opening Ceremony, are welcome to come in on Thursday, Friday or Saturday as well.

Opening hours registration desk Festivalhuis:

Tuesday 26 July17.00 – 21.00 (for participants of the field hockey tournament)
Wednesday 27 July10.00 – 19.00
Thursday 28 July12.00 – 20.00
Friday 29 July12.00 – 20.00
Saturday 30 July12.00 – 15.00

What else can I do in the city centre?
Just a stone’s throw away from the Festivalhuis, you will find the EuroGames Village, where you can enjoy performances, workshops, and other forms of entertainment. The EuroGames Village is open on Wednesday afternoon, Thursday afternoon and evening, Friday afternoon and evening and Saturday afternoon.
Furthermore, the EuroGames Village is located on the square before arthouse Lux, where you can have a drink or go see a film. You may also opt to visit the Valkhof museum or museum the Bastei; they are only a 5-10 minute walk away from the Festivalhuis, and your wristband allows you free entrance. For more information on what to do in Nijmegen, you can check the webpages on Side Events.

What about my sports tournament?
The organisers of each sports tournament will inform their participants on their program in due time. On the webpages of each sport you may find information about the location, the approximately time of the tournament and the contact details of the sports coordinator.

As a EuroGames participant, you are entitled to a discounted bus ticket from our partner Breng. The bus is an easy way to get to your sports venue to your accommodation or to the city centre and back again. You may find further information on how to purchase a ticket, or on how to rent a bike on this page.