On this page, you will find more information on the items specially made for the EuroGames 2022 and where you can purchase them.  

‘NimmaQ’ mascot

Inspired by the country that hosted the EuroGames2022, we proudly present to you our mascot NimmaQ. NimmaQ owes its name to the city it’s from – ‘Nimma’ is slang for Nijmegen – and the ‘Q’ represents Queer. NimmaQ is a must-have for every LGBTQI+ athlete.

If you have ordered our NimmaQ mascot, you can collect it at the Merchandise desk in the Festival House by showing your confirmation e-mail. If you have not ordered one yet, you can still purchase our NimmaQ mascot at the Information Desk in the EuroGames Village.

 If you can’t wait until 27 July, and you happen to be around Nijmegen anyway, NimmaQ is also available at the Kinderboekwinkel Nijmegen, gift shop Bij Dré, café de Regenboog and minibieb Velp.

Already have a NimmaQ? Post your pictures with the hashtag #EuroGames2022 and #NimmaQ on your social media; NimmaQ enjoys being in the spotlight, and we love media attention!  

Participants t-shirt EuroGames Nijmegen

All athletes were able to order our official participants’ t-shirts during registration. There was a choice between a white shirt or a navy-colored shirt. When you come to sign in on Wednesday 27 July, you can pick up your shirt at the same time. The shirts are meant to be worn during the week and later it’s a great souvenir of your visit to Nijmegen.  Unfortunately, the official EuroGames 2022 t-shirts are not on sale during the week of the games, so if you bought one in time you got yourself a real collector’s item.

Our shirt was designed by Stella & Stanley; we expressly chose this sustainable clothing brand. Local printer ‘Groenewas’ also helped keep our carbon footprint as small as possible. Our aim was to produce a top-quality t-shirt, comfortable to wear and beneficial to both man and nature.

Promotional t-shirt EuroGames2022 Nijmegen

Perhaps you saw these shirts in Copenhagen? To promote our event, designer Maikel Bongaerts (Seeing Things Queerly) has created a logo for our sky blue promotional shirt. If you’re interested in this unique item, you can order it via the online store The t-shirt will be delivered to your home within a couple of days.
Feel free to browse, because other Seeing Things Queerly items are worth considering as well.   

Your donation to our Outreach Program

In the meantime, you can also help us and your fellow athletes by donating to our Outreach Program during registration.
Our Outreach Program aims to help many athletes to participate that otherwise would not be able to attend. Even a small donation, goes a long way, and in some cases provides very necessary support.