On this page you will find more information on the items specially made for the EuroGames 2022 and how you may acquire these.  

‘NimmaQ’ mascot

Inspired by the country that hosted the EuroGames2021, we proudly present to you our mascot NimmaQ.
NimmaQ owes their name to the city they are from – ‘Nimma’ is slang for Nijmegen – and the ‘Q’ represents Queer. In Copenhagen, NimmaQ will be actively trying to obtain a fanbase at the sports venues and in the Village. You will probably see a lot of NimmaQ on our social media in the coming months.
NimmaQ is a must have for every LGBTQI+ athlete worthy to take home with you. In due course, we expect that NimmaQ will be available for purchase in a number of bars and cafes in Nijmegen and at the sports venues. If you want to be certain that you will be able to be a proud NimmaQ owner, you can order them in the registration shop for only € 3.50. You can then collect your very own NimmaQ mascot at the registration desk on Wednesday 27 July.   

Don’t wait too long to order your souvenir to the EuroGames2022, since our NimmaQ is a limited edition.

If you can’t wait until July, and you happen to be in Nijmegen anyway, NimmaQ is also available at the Kinderboekwinkel Nijmegen, Kannenmarkt 27.

Already have a NimmaQ? Post your pictures with the hashtag #EuroGames2022 and #NimmaQ on your social media; NimmaQ enjoys being in the spotlight, and we love us some media attention!  

Participants t-shirt EuroGames Nijmegen

If you are planning to participate in our event, you can also order our official participants t-shirt in the shop of our registration system. When you come to sign in on Wednesday 27 July, you will receive your ordered shirt as well, so you can wear it during the week, and it can serve as a nice souvenir of your sporty time in Nijmegen.   

Our shirt is by the label Stella & Stanley; we have deliberately chosen this sustainable clothing brand. Local printer ‘Groenewas’ also aids to keep our carbon footprint as small as possible. Our aim is that you will receive a good quality t-shirt, comfortable to wear and beneficial to both man and nature.

In our shop you will find the most common sizes (unisex – XS to XXXL), but in case your size is not listed in the shop after all, please contact us. We want everyone to be able to wear our shirt, so let us know and we might still set you up with a shirt in your size.  
You can choose either a white shirt, or a navy coloured shirt.

Promotional t-shirt EuroGames2022 Nijmegen

Perhaps you have seen these shirts in Copenhagen? To promote our event, designer Maikel Bongaerts (Seeing Things Queerly) has created a logo for our sky blue promotional shirt. If you are interested in this unique item, you can order it via the online store The t-shirt will be delivered at your home within a couple of days.
Feel free to browse, because other Seeing Things Queerly items are worth wearing as well.

We expect that in due time more items of clothing with our colourful logo may be found in the store. When that happens, we will announce this on our social media and in our newsletter; so please make sure to follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter (see the bottom of the page).   

More gadgets and gizmos?

Of course! At the moment, we limit ourselves to t-shirts and mascots and focus on organising our sports event. But our intention is to offer you more sufficiently sustainable LGBTQI+ souvenirs from Nijmegen in due time. We will let you know in our newsletter and on our socials when they will become available.

Your donation for our Outreach Program

In the meantime, you can also help us and your fellow athletes by donating to our Outreach Program upon registration.
Our Outreach Program aims to help athletes that otherwise cannot attend and participate in the EuroGames2022. With even a small donation you can help us support more fellow athletes!