NAAISTREEK: Sewing Workshop

NAAISTREEK brings you a workshop: make your own nipple tassels or frames. Go wild with glitter, beads and glue and make your very own personal set. The Klinker will turn into a glitchy heaven where you can have a chat, a drink and put together your personalized nipple jewelry.

NAAISTREEK is an artist duo based in Nijmegen who create theatrical performances. They develop their own concepts with costumes, decor settings and such. ‘We originally created our nipple tassels and Nipple frames to wear during our live acts, and people liked them so much that they asked if they could make them with us.. So here we are!’

NAAISTREEK will give 4 workshops of 1 hour each in groups of 20. The entrance fee is €5,- and can be paid at the entrance of De Klinker or you can book your ticket here: Rainbowpicknick Tickets, Meerdere data | Eventbrite.

There is room for 4 times a group of 20 people. Costs of €5 p. person for a whorkshop of 1 hour. Workshops start Thursday 28th of July @ 16.00, 17.00, 18.00 and 20.00 at the Klinker.