9 New Sports Get Started – July 28!

Today was the first full day of sports, although Hockey did start yesterday, nonetheless, nine new sports started today. 

Ballroom dancing and Bridge took place in the Vereeniging and attracted quite an audience. The ballroom heats were a stunning glittering show with a full audience of spectators.

Football at SV Union attracted a considerable crowd with many local people turning up to enjoy the rousing atmosphere.

Just over the road from the football, cakes were being handed out at the tennis court, as the balls beat the asphalt chasing after a 15 Love. 


A little way further up the hill they were bouncing balls across a table. Frantic shouts in the hall and on the terrace outside the hum and the occasional chortle of pleasant laughter were heard.

On the other side of town in the Martial Arts Hall, new moves, grips, and techniques were being taught, and even more, was learned about the various disciplines of martial art. 

Not so very far away, Pickleball got underway. Pickleball is a game that not many people are familiar with yet, so it attracted quite a number of local people, even an Athletics jury member. Athletics is planned to start tomorrow.

n the water sports section, Water Polo started today. The Dutch national team showed us all how it should be done. On the other hand, the LGBTQI+ athletes who participated at Sportfondsenbad West did not disappoint. Afterward, there was a well-deserved BBQ 

On the golf course, some way outside Nijmegen, a ball was knocked off its tee, and numerous holes were played. All in all, hockey continued but today’s, new sports were the name of the game. Our reporters and photographers loved it, photographed it, and wrote about it. 

Tomorrow awaits us and another day chock full of sports is ready to get going. We can’t wait either.

Click here for more pictures of the sports!