EuroGames Nijmegen 22 – An exhibit by Hanni Braspenning

As you enter the Mariënburg chapel in the center of the Sports-Village, what catches your eye first is a richly colored exhibition. This is the work of the artist Hanni Braspenning. However, this particular exhibit has an interesting back story.

It began when Hanni found a plaster torso, when she turned it over she saw images of buttocks in it. As an artist, this piqued her creativity, so she decided to develop it, enhancing what had inspired her by molding paper-maché buttocks onto canvas.

Surprisingly, one morning Hanni awoke, convinced that this piece was wanting, eventually, she added the iconic farmer and farmer’s wife to it. This has given shape to the images in her current exhibition.

Solidarity plays a significant role in Hanni Braspenning’s artistic work and life. The farmers are portrayed colorfully and wear rainbow flags as accessories. 

If you’re already here and anywhere close to the Village, be sure to catch Hanni Braspenning’s exhibition.

Or visit her website!