Edward II the Gay King theater and film at Lux

There is a fantastic side events program with something for everyone. One of the highlights is the Edward II the Gay King theater from theater group Oostpool & Char Li Chung on Thursday 28 July and Friday 29 July in LUX Nijmegen.

Edward is young and full of lust for life. His coronation marks the beginning of a new era. Time for love! Passion! Celebration! Peace! Encased in the crown, Edward dives headlong into everything he has been denied his whole life.

All eyes are on him, but Edward seems through his choices to be neglecting his political and worldly duties. Everyone around the king serves the crown and acts in the interest of the realm. But what if this interest represents something different to everyone? Will the young, contrary Edward be forced to choose between love and politics? Are these mutually exclusive, or can they coexist within one human being?

An incisive, humorous royal drama about fighting for love and your ideals, even in the face of the most extreme consequences.

All participants and volunteers get a discount with the code “Ra1nbow”. Buy your tickets here. With this code you can also go to some movies with discount. Check the whole EuroGames program for Lux here.