EuroGames Nijmegen 22 – Day One!

Since early this morning the entire city has been flooded with the colors of the rainbow. After a quiet start the pace in the volunteer house picked up and in no time it was brimming and buzzing with energy. In the village, Nijmegen Annie has been welcoming everyone to the city in her own very unique way.

In the Sports Village, there are lots of market stalls where you can find information about the EGLSF and Bern 2023, additionally, there’s a police information point, where you can ask questions or look for help. You can take part in workshops, like rowing or yoga, or even get acquainted with a new sport.

The rowing workshop is very popular and attracts lots of interest. Every now and then you even see people using the machines! The EuroGames kicked off with its first tournament, Hockey. We have a wide variety of competitions and some athletes are simply participating for the ambiance of diversity and inclusion. The atmosphere is very positive, and convivial, however, there’s no shortage of competition. Matches comprising all genders switch fluidly across the beautiful grounds of Union Hockey.

As well as the tournaments, there is a fun Rainbow Picnic in Valkhof Park, each afternoon, a Volleyball workshop and of course, everyone gets to meet Nijmegen Annie. After this fun inspirational day, people are slowly getting ready for the opening ceremony. So much hard work has been done on the Waalkade to ensure the big party can take place later tonight.

The last structures are being raised and the sound check is complete. We are ready! (well, almost…)

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