Invitation to Webinar Inclusion of LGBTI+ athletes in sports – Chances & Challenges

There is a lot happenning at the moment about the inclusion of LGBTI+ athletes. The first transgender sport athlete qualified for Olympics, the first American Football player came out and there was a debate about the Rainbow flag at the stadium in Munich at the Eurogames Football because of the Hungary anti-LGBTI law.

Therefore the Copenhagen organisation committee invites everyone to a webinar about the inclusion of LGBTI+ athletes in sports. Copenhagen2021 is a combination of WorldPride and EuroGames held in Copenhagen and Malmö from 12-22 August. Leading up to this event, we would like to invite you to a virtual discussion of LGBTI+ equality and inclusion in sports.

The Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark are considered to be among the most progressive countries when it comes to LGBTI+ inclusion in society – but is this also true when it comes to sports? Recent research shows that particularly young LGBTI+ persons often don’t feel safe and included at their sporting club and that this might be a reason for them to quit their sports.

In this webinar, we will listen to personal stories, see practical examples and share best practices between our three countries.

The Embassies of Denmark and Sweden in The Netherlands in cooperation with The Netherlands’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs are pleased to invite you to this webinar on Tuesday 29 June 2021 at 11.00.

Speakers :

  • Danish professional ice hockey player Jon Lee-Olsen, ambassador for Copenhagen2021
  • Dutch Semi-pro windsurfster Laura van Beckhoven, Transwoman and Ambassador for Pride and Sports
  • Swedish football club FC Rosengård,
  • Louise Eklund, communications Manager Lou Manders from the Blankenstein Foundation and
  • Ryan Ramharak, policy officer diversity at the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science about the Dutch initiative Alliance Equal Games