Last day of sports a big success!

On the final day, there were 8 more sports that got to award medals. At Badminton it was the day for doubles and the shuttles were hit hard at each other. But in between all the matches there was plenty of room to talk to each other. This was also the case in the hall at Volleyball. At noon there was sitting volleyball and inclusion was so very visible. There was a demonstration and people could try it out for themselves. Very nice before later in the afternoon all the finals took place and the medals were awarded.

Image by Henk Beenen

In the same hall it was exciting at the finals of Squash. The finals were watched closely and hard that the ball was hit to each other. A little further around the corner was a very nice day at the Tennis. The day of finals and where the decisions felt on the court. In the end, it was very nice that someone from the national federation ended up handing out the medals and indicating the importance of LGBTQI+ inclusion in sports.

Where the decisions also fell was at the Bridge tournament. A very nice tournament, which took place at de Vereeniging alongside the Ballroom dancing. The ceremony was emotional with a lot of diversity of people and with beautiful winners. In the morning were the finals of rowing. From a very nice spot we had a good view of the water and the city and there were many beautiful finals. What a pleasure to see that at this beautiful EuroGames in Nijmegen.

At the swimmingpool it was again very busy with many beautiful moments, a lot of medals were taken home by all participants. It was very nice to see that also here people from the association were present and that everyone was encouraged. Where this was also the case, was at the last sport: Running. There was a 5km and 10km race. At the same place as the rowing along the water, over bridges and through gravel paths it was certainly not an easy route. But it was very pleasant in the sun and with lots of support and everyone could participate in their own way. And that was very important in all sports this week and it was everywhere so radiated and so the case! We are happy and very proud of all the participants at the 17 sports at the EuroGames!

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