Wednesday: today’s program

Dear participant,

EuroGames 2022 is starting!

The official opening is happening tonight with a dazzling program on the Waalkade.

Check out the program here!

A perfect way to start your day is with a rainbow picnic in Valkhof Park. It’s a great opportunity to meet other participants, and afterwards, you can go check out our Sports-Village.

“Nijmegen Annie” will be there to welcome you from midday onwards.  She’ll be there as the pink lady entertaining everyone on her pink show pony.

In the village, you’ll find an information hub, and food trucks or you can just chill with a drink. To top off your welcome there’s music from DJ EN&EN.

There is plenty to do in and around the Sports-Village, such as visiting a (free) LGBTI-themed exhibition, joining a yoga workshop or watching some of the special rainbow films in the LUX.

You can also participate in the Rainbow Route, a tour of the many rainbow locations in our city, once you’re done you can test yourself on how much you’ve learned with the Nyma Quiztour.

You can also warm-up in the Sports-Village, with our rowing and volleyball workshops.

If you want to get a feel for the fascinating culture of Nijmegen, then there are plenty of wonderful museums in the city (with free entry for participants). In the  Marcus-Antonius bar at 17:00hrs – opposite the Roze House – there’s an interactive talk for women.

If you feel like going out to catch some of the tournaments or take part yourself, then the hockey tournament has already begun, and they would love to have spectators cheer them on. The Hockey grounds are at the Union Hockey site (Bus 83).

Why not get to know Pickle Ball in the VOCASA hall (Bus 6 in the direction of Neerbosch-Oost).

Don’t forget to complete your registration and don’t forget to bring your ‘happy face’ with you!

See you later!