Rainbow route

A rainbow walk through the center of Nijmegen!

Where did women that love women find each other? Who came up with Roze Woensdag (Pink Wednesday) and why? How long has it been since the last homo got strangled? And what kind of rainbow activities can we find in town nowadays?

Nijmegen hasn’t always been as gender inclusive as it is today. Based on snippets of queer history as described by Helm de Laat, designer Jac.Splinter will lead you through the center of Nijmegen. A serious and amusing tour along several remarkable historical queer spots in the center of Nijmegen. Jac.Splinter is a designer creating Nice things for the people. He has lived and worked in Nijmegen for over forty years and, upon request, will give tours through the city under the motto “Someone put thought into this, why is this the result?”

You can join this tour everyday during the EuroGames. It starts at 14.00. On Friday 29 July you can also join a tour at 21.30 The tour lasts about an hour and a half. Location: LUX Nijmegen, Mariënburg 38-39. The tour is for free, with a maximum of 15 people joining the tour.

You can click here to read more about this event and to get your free ticket!