LGBT+ piknic in the Valkhof, every day from 12:00-14:00. Location: Valkhofpark, Kelfkensbos 59

Got spare time between sports and ready for lunch? Every afternoon between 12.00-14.00 a picnic will be organized at the Valkhof park by Dito, De Rollende Mina’s, and the CoC.

The Valkhof is a park located at an important spot for the historical canon of Nijmegen; archeological finds of Batavian and Roman origin indicate early settlements in the area, because of these Nijmegen is considered the oldest city of the Netherlands. Remnants of this history can be seen in the park, where the remnants of the imperial fortress of Charles the Great can still be found.

The picnic will take place on the lawn inside the park, here members of several LGBT+ organizations  will be ready with food and drinks. The picnic costs €2,- and can be paid on location. The park offers a beautiful view of the Waal and is located next to the eponymous Valkhof museum, which offers a look into the archeological finds of the city. Are you interested in the LGBT+ history of the city? From 14:00 designer Jac.Splinter will organize a Rainbow Walk starting at the Eurogames Sports Village, a short walking distance from the Valkhof.

On this website you can read everything about the RainbowPicknick!