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Registration for the EuroGames 2022 Nijmegen is closed.

Participating in the EuroGames 2022

The fees to participate in the event consist of two parts; a general participation fee and a sports fee. Sport (participation) fees, will be added to the participation fees, and will differ per sport. The reason for charging a different amount per sport, is simply because some sports are more expensive to organise (golf and ballroom dancing, among others) than others (such as running or football).

Please check the sport pages for more information on the individual sports and prices. The prices indicated on these pages mention the costs for participation and sports fee combined.
If you register for a second sport, you will only be charged an additional sports fee; you only pay the participation fee and the administrations costs once.
Note your registration to participate in a sport will not be final untill your fees have been paid.

If you are a member of an EGLSF member club, you will receive a discount on your participation fee:

EGLSF Member*Non-EGLSF Member
Participation Fee€ 60€ 72
Administration Costs€ 2.95€ 2.95
Total (excl. sports fee)€ 62.95€ 74.95

* Membership EGLSF: to check your membership, please visit the EGLSF Membership Page.
Please note that your participation fee will by determined by your selection; when you select your EGLSF member club from the list whilst filling out your personal details, a discount will be applied. If you enter a club yourself, or don’t have a club, no discount will be applied. However, it is not possible to edit these fields anymore once the data has been saved. This means that discounts cannot be added to a registration anymore afterwards.

Charging a participation fee does not only allow you to participate in a LGBTQI+ sports tournament, but you also make it possible to set up a Sports Village in which both athletes and fans can meet each other. Furthermore, you ensure the LGBTQI+ community is visible in the city, as you allow the organisation to create an opening and a closing ceremony that is freely accessible for everyone. And lastly, you support the good work of the European Gay and Lesbian Sport Federation, EGLSF.

Please note that the registration system closed on Friday 8 July, at midnight (the night of 8-9 July). After this date, you cannot register anymore. You can still log in to your account, and check your participation details. To log in, please use the button above. Note you also cannot edit your registration anymore. For changes, please contact the organisation of the sports tournament directly.

For more information on the registration deadline for your sport, please visit the corresponding sports page.

Need more information?
Contact us via email.

Registered but cannot particpate in the EuroGames anymore?

Please let us know if you cannot participate anymore; however, refunds will not be issued for cancellations received after 31 May 2022.

For more information on cancelling your registration, please check section 7 of our terms and conditions