Skate workshop Rolling mina’s

Always wanted to ride on a skateboard but too afraid? Here’s your chance! De Rollende Mina’s will provide a beginner workshop with two categories: first-timers and beginners. If you’re a first timer we’ll teach you how to push, ride down something small and maybe even teach you your first trick. If you already know how to push, we will teach you some easy tricks and try out bigger ramps.

De Rollende Mina’s is a feminist/queer skateboard platform with a creative touch. They host meet-ups, creative projects and festivals for women and/or queer skaters with the goal to make the skateboard scene more inclusive and diverse. They love beginners so you’ll be in amazing hands.

The workshop is followed by a queer pubquiz from Dito. Beat your friends and foes with your knowledge of queer history, music, and pop culture. DITO is an association for LGBTIA+ youth in Nijmegen.

See the website to book tickets here.