Track & Field

When you sign up as an athlete for EuroGames, you will automatically be part of Nijmegen 2022, meaning you are signing up for a lot more than sports. We are offering you a program packed with sports, culture, human rights, social events and parties. #lovetomove

You will be part of a unique experience, including professionally organized tournaments, a grand EuroGames Opening Ceremony where you will take the stage along 1500 other athletes. You will get access to our Sports Village, and you will get the opportunity to participate in a lot of extraordinary happenings throughout your stay. So please, we urge you to stay for as long as possible! We promise you won’t get bored. We are looking forward to see you at Nijmegen 2022.

Registration opens August 2021

Our Track & Field tournament will take place on the ‘Brakkenstein‘ outdoor track, an international licensed Athletics track in the South of Nijmegen.
This track offers facilities for all disciplines. The long distance running events will take place in the city center and the beautiful nature next to it.
From the track to the EuroGames Village in the city center takes 15 minutes by bike, or 30 minutes by public transport.

The organisation of our Track & Field tournament is led by ‘Nijmegen Atletiek‘, Nijmegen’s biggest athletics club in collaboration with Nijmegen’s Student Athletics Club ‘NSAV ‘t Haasje‘.
Want to help with the organisation of our Track & Field tournament as a volunteer? Send us an e-mail with the contact form below.

More info en details will be added the coming months