Ballroom dancing


The Ballroom dancing tournament will be held on Thursday 28 and Friday 29 July 2022. In the Ballroom dancing tournament we offer the following disciplines:

–        Latin
–        Standard
–        10-dance
–        Show dance

The Latin and Standard competitions will be danced separately for male and female identified couples and non-binary couples; for both the age categories Adult and Senior will be planned. For show dance one competition will be danced without age and gender regulations. The 10-dance results will be calculated based on the results in the Standard and Latin categories for Adult or Senior.

The tournament program will be set up based on the registrations received. We will close the tournament with a festive final evening on Friday 29 July. In order to guarantee a fair tournament, please ensure your level classification fairly and correctly reflects your ability.

All information is subject to change as the tournament organisation sees fit. Please continue to visit this web page for further updates and most recent accurate information.


The Ballroom dancing tournament will be held on Thursday 28 and Friday 29 July 2022 in the “Concertgebouw de Vereeniging”. This venue has been the scene of multiple dance competitions in the past. Between 2014 and 2019, “de Vereeniging” has been completely renovated, providing a grand ballroom, restaurants and changing rooms with a luxurious ambiance. 


The tournament will be held and judged according ESSDA classifications and rules.


We organise this competition in cooperation with NADB (Nederlandse Algemene Danssport Bond) and ESSDA (European Same-sex Dance Association).


All same-sex couples


For general questions about the dance competition, please contact our team at


By signing up as an athlete for EuroGames 2022, you can make use of the many benefits our international event in Nijmegen has to offer. 

  • • You will participate in a professionally organised tournament
  • • You can be a part of the EuroGames Opening Ceremony on Wednesday 27 July
  • • You can be part of the EuroGames Closing Ceremony on Saturday 30 July
  • • You have access to the Sports Village
  • • You can make use of discounted fees for public transportation in Nijmegen
  • • You have access to pre-sale tickets for signature parties
  • • You have access to a lot of sports, human rights, arts, and cultural events in Nijmegen 

If you have already signed up for another sport, you can still take part in the ballroom dancing tournament as a second sport for an additional € 60. Please note that timetables of sports may overlap; make sure that the dates and times of the ballroom dancing tournament are not in conflict with any of the other sports you want to participate in!