The football tournament will offer a tournament for teams with female-identified players, male-identified players, non-binary players and all gender mixed teams.
The tournament for male-identified teams will contain a 11 player game on a competitive level and a 7 on 7 game on a recreational level. For the female-identified teams, non-binary teams and the gender mixed teams, the competition will be a 7 on 7 game. All these teams will play on the recreational level.
The maximum number of participants in an 11 player team is 15 participants, for the 7 player teams, 10 participants can be registered.

Friday 29 July9:00-18:00Group Matches
Saturday 30 July9:00-12:00Group Matches
12.30-18.00Knock-out tournament / Finals


It is possible to register for the tournament as a team or without one. When registering, after choosing Football, select “please add me to a team” at ‘Team”, and we will try to find you a team. Please then also indicate if you are a field player or a goal keeper.


The Football tournament will be played at the venue SV Orion.


The tournament will be judged according to FIFA’s rules. 


SV Orion


In 2017, the National Dutch Female football team became the European Champions in a fully packed stadium in front of 30,000 spectators. This proves that football in the Netherlands has become inclusive for female players. And during the EuroGames, football is open for everyone!


Joan Luites –


By signing up as an athlete for EuroGames 2022, you can make use of the many benefits our international event in Nijmegen has to offer. 

  • • You will participate in a professionally organised tournament
  • • You can be a part of the EuroGames Opening Ceremony on Wednesday 27 July
  • • You can be part of the EuroGames Closing Ceremony on Saturday 30 July
  • • You have access to the Sports Village
  • • You can make use of discounted fees for public transportation in Nijmegen
  • • You have access to pre-sale tickets for signature parties
  • • You have access to a lot of sports, human rights, arts, and cultural events in Nijmegen 

If you have already signed up for another sport, you can still take part in the football tournament as a second sport for an additional € 20. Please note that timetables of sports may overlap; make sure that the dates and times of the football tournament are not in conflict with any of the other sports you want to participate in!