Getting to Nijmegen
Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is only 80 minutes away from Nijmegen, and from Amsterdam there are direct public transport connections to Nijmegen. The German airport of Niederrhein (Weeze) is a 40 minute drive away from Nijmegen. From Niederrhein airport shuttle bus services are run to Nijmegen city center. Nijmegen can also be easily reached by public transport or by car from Eindhoven airport or Düsseldorf airport (Germany). In addition, Nijmegen boasts great train connections (with Thalys via Amsterdam Schiphol train station, with ICE via Arnhem station, and with Eurostar and Intercity Direct via Breda).

Nijmegen is also easy to reach by car. In addition, various cycle “superhighway” routes lead straight to the city center.

Public Transport
Nijmegen and its neighboring communities boast an excellent public transport system. And people who prefer to go by bike might arrive at their destinations just as quickly, thanks to an extensive network of cycle (superhighway) routes.

Participants in the EuroGames will be able to hire bikes for a small fee.