Voice Liberation workshop

Voice Liberation is a party for your voice! Everyone has a voice, but how do you make that voice sound? 

You’re going to experience how it is to use your voice to make your inner self sound. To express how you feel, converted in sound. No limitations and frames but letting your breath flow, making sounds, and feeling completely free! 

Voice Liberation is especially for you! You, the one who loves to sing, but didn’t really dare, but also for you, the one who always thought you couldn’t. And also for the one who feels something bothering you, wanting to come out but what is still hidden. 

We’re going to explore what lives inside you, but what is stuck or hidden. You’ll experience how you make contact with your body, with your voice, and you’ll find out how to pop the cork of your bottle by making sounds: liberation! 

Without boundaries, without limitations, without “how it should be”. Have fun singing, savouring the sounds you make, searching for opening, enjoying what’s in you en what may come out. Making your own music sound!

The workshop takes 90 minutes and will take place on Thursday 28th of July between 15.30 – 17.00 @ EuroGames Village

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