Walking tour – Op hoge poten

The walking organizer www.ophogepoten.org has programmed 2 walks for gay men as part of the Eurogames. Visitors to the Eurogames are welcome to walk along.

Route 1: Friday 29 July 2022- Millingen aan de Rijn – Groesbeek / Pieterpad 2, stage 4
A tour of 20 kilometers of walking.
Start: 10:55, Millingen aan de Rijn, bus stop Town Hall
End: 18:10, Groesbeek, bus stop Centrum

Travel data: Nijmegen NS V 10:16 –> Millingen aan de Rijn, bus stop Gemeentehuis A 10:54 (bus 80 towards Millingen)
Groesbeek, bus stop Centrum V 18:11 –> Nijmegen NS A 18:30 (bus 5 towards Beuningen, 4x per hour)
Motorists: The end and starting point can be reached by bus 5 and 80 in approximately 5 minutes (2x per hour)
Horeca stop: After 6 km. and 12 miles.

Shorten the stage? (14 km.) Then stop after we descend from the Duivelsberg. Walk in fifteen minutes along the Oude Kleefsebaan to bus stop Hamerlaan and take bus 8 to Nijmegen NS (12 min., 4x per hour).

More information (in Dutch), click here!

Route 2: Saturday 30 July – Wyler / Nijmegen / Streekpad 3, etappe 7
Distance: 18 km.
Start: 10:50, Wyler (DU), bus stop Hulsmann
End: 17:30, Nijmegen NS
Travel details: Nijmegen NS V 10:30 –> Wyler (DU), bus stop Hulsmann A 10:47 (bus 58 towards Emmerich Bahnhof, OV chip card valid)
Motorists: Motorists: The end and starting point can be reached 2x per hour with bus 58 in about fifteen minutes.
Horeca stop: After 6 km and after 17 km.

Click here to read more about this route!

If you only participate in the Eurogames walk(s), it is not necessary to create an account. It is necessary to register with Stef Jongerius in advance by e-mail: stef.jongerius@hetnet.nl . Depending on the development of the covid-19 policy, a maximum number of participants may apply.

These walks will only be canceled if:
o these conflict with the restrictions and advice of the covid-19 policy applicable on that day;
o and/or in case of extreme weather forecast (code orange or red);
o and/or if public transport is not possible to the start and end point due to construction work and disruptions, see the website of NS en 9292.

There is no guarantee that the catering industry is open and has room. So take enough food and drink with you. Cash is also necessary, because in most catering establishments we can only pay per table and not per person.