Yoga Workshop

In these classes, dynamic yoga exercises alternate with longer stays in different yoga positions (asanas). Through this alternation, muscles and fasciae are addressed and you can stretch and relax your entire system after an active day. A perfect start to regeneration.
The classes start with a short phase of arrival in which you concentrate on your breath and body. Then you flow from stretch to stretch, lingering a little longer in some (we will see J). You end your practice with a short relaxation exercise to allow your body and mind to let go.
You do NOT need any previous yoga experience for these classes, just a good dose of self-love and humour to feel your way into your stretches step by step and accept what is right now.
Because an advanced yogi/ni is characterised by knowing and respecting his/her limits, not by tying the legs behind the head.

Dates and Times:

Wednesday 27th of July 15.00-16.00
Thursday 28th of July 18.00-19.00
Friday 29th of July 18.00-19.00
Saturday 30th of July 13.30-14.30

The workshop takes 45 minutes.

Do you want to join a yoga workshop? Click here to sign up for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday!