About us

The 2022 EuroGames Foundation
A new foundation, EuroGames 2022 Nijmegen, will constitute the event board. Several candidates are available to serve on the foundation board: some with broad experience in governance and management, others with considerable experience in organising events and communication. Paying need to the inclusion spirit, the explicit goal is to constitute a diverse board (and project organisation). The 2022 EuroGames Foundation’s board members will serve on the board on a voluntary basis.

The project organisation will be placed directly under the board’s responsibility as the vibrant core of the EuroGames. This project organisation will be directly in charge of implementing the EuroGames

Organising committee
We have a talented team who are all working hard to deliver an incredible event for Nijmegen 2022 focusing on LGBTIQ+ Rights, Love & Sport.

With expertise on everything from LGBTIQ+ rights, sponsorship, event management, and sport you can learn more about our Nijmegen 2022 organising committee. You can also find out more about our board members.