We are happy to announce that there are several activities particularly for women!
– A free daily Meeting Point [Femtastic] at Lux,
– Free get together moments every evening at 05.00 pm, like a dinner date with a group other women and interactive talks at Marcus Antonius. Click here to register!
– Iris LOVES iris, a (unwedded) new most desired women’s* party during Eurogames 2022 (* trans and non-binary inclusive), especially for participants and their friends, at Toon on Friday 29th of July. Click here for more information about iris LOVES iris

Pink Activities offers a program for (individual) women every evening, like interactive talks at Marcus Antonius. We guarantee that you will meet other women to hang out with, you have the opportunity to join us for dinner (you can choose out of 2 restaurants every day) and to go together to the official Women’s party iris LOVES iris. You can pre-register by sending a mail to: 

It is all about fun and relaxation, because we are here to have a good time, aren’t we? Just enter & join!