Table Tennis


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We have chosen a design for the tournament, in which anyone can play a lot of games, against as many opponents as possible. We will make the lay-out and the schedules. This so-called Swiss system is structured to end up as to playing against players of your own strength, resulting in (semi)finals.

Thursday 28 July9:30-17:00Swiss System matches
Friday 29 July9:30-17:00Swiss System matches


Everything needed to play is available and included. Participants only need to bring their own bat, clothes, shoes and a towel if they want to take a shower. It is not allowed to enter the hall with outdoor sneakers.

Lunch, drinks and other snacks are not included in the registration fee, but can be bought at the venue.

If you wish to participate in the doubles tournament, but do not have a partner, you can indicate “partner wanted” at ‘Partner’ upon registering. We will then attempt to find you a partner.

If you already have a partner, we will ask for your partner’s name in the registration; please also provide your partner’s registration number, if known and available.


For the EuroGames 2022, Table Tennis will be hosted by Table Tennis Nijmegen. TN has a long history in playing this beautiful sport in Nijmegen, and we would like to offer you a warm welcome as our guests. Our venue is located in a lovely, forest-like part of the city. We have 2 playing halls  of 5 tables each, with an inviting canteen and bar between the halls.

Our staff consists of members of our club, some LGBTQI+ themselves, and others very gay-friendly. They are at your service and offer all you need to make your days successful, with appetizing drinks, snacks, lunch and meals, which are healthy and inexpensive (at your own cost). If the weather allows it, we will probably go outside to our nice terrace to enjoy the sun, relax and socialize! We would love to see you move behind one of our tables!


The official tabletennis rules will apply.


Tafeltennis Nijmegen


Table tennis – and therefore our tournament – is a sport for which it doesn’t matter what your identity is. Everybody is equal and, potentially, male, female and non-binary players can be of equal strength. Therefore, we don’t open our registration for male, female or non-binary persons, nor do we make categories for different levels of strength, or different age. We open up to everybody in the LGBTQI+ community, who likes to come and play table tennis with us. Everybody is a winner, and in the end one of the winners is the best player of the EuroGames 2022 Nijmegen!


Poster Table Tennis
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Poster Table Tennis
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Download the Poster!

If you are interested in the poster for Table Tennis, you can download it above. There is a digital version, for instance to share on your social media, and a version to send to the printer.


Theo Drijvers –


By signing up as an athlete for EuroGames 2022, you can make use of the many benefits our international event in Nijmegen has to offer. 

  • • You will participate in a professionally organized tournament (of course)
  • • You can be a part of the EuroGames Opening Ceremony on Wednesday, July 27
  • • You can be part of the EuroGames Closing Ceremony on Saturday, July 30
  • • You have access to the Sports Village
  • • You have affordable fees for public transportation in Nijmegen
  • • You have access to pre-sale tickets for signature parties
  • • You have access to a lot of sports, human rights, arts, and cultural events in Nijmegen 

If you take part in the table tennis tournament as a second sport, please note that timetables of sports may overlap; make sure that the dates and times of table tennis tournament are not in conflict with any of the other sports you want to participate in!