EuroGames 2022 Nijmegen

Welcome to Nijmegen 2022

EuroGames Nijmegen 2022 is going to be an inclusive sporting event, a significant LGBTIQ+ event in 2022 combining EuroGames with a cultural program and side events. #LoveToMove!

EuroGames Nijmegen 2022 will include 19 different sport events, all with their own individual tournament. All events will take place across Nijmegen between 27-30 July 2022, and we expect around 2500 athletes. All tournaments will include series for female and male identified athletes, non-binary athletes and some team sports may include a league for mixed-gender teams. Furthermore, each tournament will include several levels to make sure that athletes of all levels, from beginner to pro, can compete and have fun. #Lovetomove

Opening Ceremony on 27 July 19.00 @ Waalkade
The Nijmegen 2022 EuroGames will kick off with a creative opening ceremony in the heart of the city: visibility is key during our EuroGames. Admission to the opening ceremony will be free for all.

Closing Ceremony on 30 July 19.00 @ Waalkade
The Nijmegen 2022 EuroGames will end with a spectacular closing ceremony at the river the Waal. After the closing ceremony there will be lots of closing parties in the center of the city.

Sports Village
A dedicated sports village will be set up in the city centre, where athletes and visitors alike can meet in a relaxed atmosphere after the sports competition; meet up with friends, celebrate each other’s achievements, grab a bite to eat or enjoy some music. There will be various booths and activities planned in the village with a focus on sport, sustainability, health and meeting people. During the EuroGames, the village is meant to be Nijmegen’s vibrant hotspot.