Nijmegen as frontrunner
Nijmegen has always been a frontrunner when it comes to its LGBTQ+ policy, setting an example concerning visibility, emancipation and inclusion of the LGBTQ+ community. As one of the most active cities in the Netherlands in this regard, Nijmegen emphasizes gender-neutral communication, and includes gender-neutral toilets at city hall and its associated buildings, among other things.

Nijmegen as rainbow city
Nijmegen is one of the 75 rainbow cities in the Netherlands. Of these cities, 54 have signed a declaration of intent with the Minister of Education, signifying their active commitment to the acceptance, emancipation, and safety of the LGBTQ+ community in their city. By doing so, cities want to tackle problems such as discrimination on the housing market, intimidation and violence. The Dutch government offers subsidies for this initiative.

The city of Nijmegen would like to share its belief that everyone should feel safe and secure regardless of gender or sexual orientation, or cultural or religious background. The right to be who you are should be mirrored in sport as well. Nijmegen focuses on this diversity and inclusion in sport, striving to end discrimination, and make physical activity and a healthy lifestyle more attainable for all.

LGBTIQ+ sports clubs, mainstream sports clubs and student sports clubs

By hosting the EuroGames, Nijmegen strives to strengthen the city’s open and tolerant character. In addition, it will contribute to inclusion in sport, a goal which Nijmegen aims to promote. Therefore, by organising the 2022 Eurogames, not only LGBTIQ+ sports clubs, but also mainstream sports clubs and student sports clubs will be involved to further highlight the themes of diversity and inclusion in sport. Nijmegen even wants to take this one step further: it wants to promote this theme throughout the province of Gelderland. In order to do so, Nijmegen will develop a programme of side events in Gelderland, which will be implemented in the year preceding the EuroGames.

Discover cultural Nijmegen 
Explore Nijmegen’s rich history and discover a wealth of archaeological finds and ruins, or visit the vibrant Honig complex to immerse in modern culture. Be inspired by contemporary art at one of the many exhibitions or discover the oldest city in the Netherlands on a city walk. The Muzieum allows you to experience what it is like to be blind, or rather go and catch a movie in one of the many cinemas that Nijmegen boasts. Dance the night away in the bars or listen to beautiful music in a cafe. Enjoy high quality theatre or accessible literature and poetry. Nijmegen has it all!

Day shopping
Nijmegen has an enormous diversity of shops: vintage or new, specialty shops or major fashion brands. On this site you will find the hidden gems, useful tips and practical info, such as opening hours and accessibility.

Restaurants in the city centre: food & drinks
With a wide range of restaurants in Nijmegen, you are sure to find something you like. From world cuisine to regional dishes, there are plenty of options available. Of course, you will also be in the right place for for a good cup of coffee or a nice craft beer. Get familiar with Nijmegen’s cozy lunchrooms, affordable cafes, tasteful restaurants and crowded pubs.

Nijmegen knows how to party. Every third week of July, Nijmegen is the stage of the Four Days Marches, and consequently the Four Days Festivities. The Marches and the Festivities are a well known event throughout the Netherlands and beyond.
The Festivities entail different stages, music, parties at various locations spread over the city centre. A specific day of this week is the renowned Pink Wednesday, a flagship for the LGTBQ+ community.
After seven days of partying and general merriment, the intention is to extend the celebratory mood even further with the presence of the Eurogames.

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