Goals and Aims

The EuroGames 2022 Nijmegen Outreach Program aims to ensure that all athletes that wish to take part in the EuroGames are in fact also at liberty to do so, by providing aid to those participants who would otherwise be unable to partake without said support. Reasons for their inability to take part might include financial difficulties, experiencing discrimination, bigotry or fear, or difficulties in applying for a visa. The program strives to remove those obstacles that prevents participation, thereby not only strengthening the EuroGames’s aim of inclusiveness but also allowing athletes from all over Europe to experience a safe environment to sport, regardless of their gender or sexual orientation, or cultural or religious backgrounds.  


The Organisation of the EuroGames 2022 Nijmegen will provide support for athletes in need by offering them an amount of up to a maximum of € 500 to cover costs such as registration fee, travel expenses, accommodation, visa costs, insurances etc.. When the application has been approved of, these costs will be reimbursed upon arrival in Nijmegen based on receipts; alternatively, tickets will be booked by the Organisation. 

As funds for the Outreach program are limited, the selection process is competitive, and it is realistic that not all applicants will be funded.

The organisation will set up an accommodation platform on social media in order for all athletes to get in contact with possible host families or other housing options.

The organisation will provide aid for those seeking to apply for visa at the Dutch embassy in their country of origin by means of a Letter of Invitation.  


Applicants are members of the LGBTQI+ community and qualify for outreach support if their living situation corresponds with one of the categories below:

i) People living in European countries with no or limited LGBTQI+ rights, such as countries in
   Eastern Europe or in South East Europe
ii) People whose country of origin is as above but are currently not residing there, and who may
    experience financial difficulties or discrimination because of their situation, such as migrants
    or minorities
iii) People outside of Europe, living in a country with no or limited LGBTQI+ rights

As the EuroGames are mostly targeted at a European audience, applications from categories i) and ii) are prioritised. Applications from outside Europe are only eligible if funding allows.

The organisation will base the eligibility of European countries with regard to LGBTQI+ rights on Rainbow Europe, as developed by the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and   Intersex Association (ILGA) and stated on their website in the 2021 map and their annual review of the human rights situation of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex people in Europe and Central Asia.


Athletes who wish to apply to the outreach program are to fill out this application form outlining their motivation behind their application, viz. why they should be selected for support, including an estimate of the expected costs, and providing the organisation with a supportive statement from a second party, e.g. (sport) clubs, local (LGBTQI+) organisations, friends, employers etc..

Incomplete applications will not be considered, and support will not be extended to any other person traveling with the applicant.

Athletes who wish to receive a Letter of Invitation are to contact the organisation with their request and the associated form with their personal details. 

Applications forms and requests for Letters of Invitation should be send to outreach@eurogames2022.eu. Questions or requests for help with filling out the forms should also be directed to this e-mail address.



The deadline for applying to the Outreach Program will be 30 January 2022. This should leave sufficient time for the organisation to review all applications, and for applicants to arrange their travel plans, visa applications etc..

All submitters will be informed on the outcome of their application by 25 February 2022 at the latest.