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The badminton tournament will take place on Friday 29 July and Saturday 30 July 2022. You can participate in the singles or the doubles competition or a mixed competition. Each competition is divided into five skill levels: A, B+, B-, C+, C-

On Friday 29 July, we offer singles and mixed competitions.

On Saturday 30 July, we offer doubles competitions for male and female-identified and non-binary athletes. 

The schedule looks as follows:

Friday 29 July9:00-18:30Male-identified, female-identified, non-binary Singles and mixed Doubles
Saturday 30 July9:00-18:30Male-identified, female-identified, and non-binary Doubles

You sign up per day, the competitions are played as above.

In order to guarantee a fair tournament, please ensure your level classification is fair and correctly reflects your ability.

The organization reserves the right to move a participant from one competition to another and to merge competitions in case of too few participants. In that case, you will be informed via email.


If you would like to participate in the doubles tournament, please make sure you have a doubles partner. In order to register, we need to know your first and last names and the registration number of your doubles partner. It is not possible to register without a partner (no ‘blind dates’). 


Badminton will take place at the Jan Massinkhal in Nijmegen. The location is a newly renovated, professional sports center. It offers state of the art catering area, numerous large changing rooms, and large stands for the spectators. The whole complex is modern and spacious, which allows all 18 courts to be used simultaneously.


Name: Brenda Roijendijk-Beenhakker

I wanted to be an ambassador for the EuroGames because I believe it is important that everyone can and should be able to play sports. Everyone is equal! The beauty of the EuroGames is that so many people can come together to play sports and to meet each other, that kind of solidarity is so important these days. The thing about badminton is that almost everyone can do it, no matter where and no matter what level you are. It’s great to see how much fun people have playing this sport. I was a professional badminton player for many years and I have seen so much of the world through my sport and have met so many different people. That was a fantastic experience!


The tournament will be played in two rounds. The first round will be played in pools and second round with a knockout system. All levels are played with feather shuttlecocks.

The governing and sanctioning rules of the tournament will be conducted under Badminton World Federation rules. 

The semi-finals and finals will be played as best of three games. Gold, silver, and bronze medals will be awarded in each competition and skill level. services are expected to be used for publishing results.

All information is subject to change. Please continue visiting the website for the most accurate information. The organization reserves the right to change the flow of the tournament.


Het Roze Veertje, Nijmegen
BC Mariken, Nijmegen


Everyone is welcome to participate in the badminton tournament!
We strive to offer competitions for all gender categories, but this is dependent on the number of participants. If sufficient female-identified and non-binary athletes sign up for the singles, separate competitions will be offered for each of them. If not, female-identified and non-binary athletes can participate in the men’s singles competition (note, this may be one level below their regular level).  


Poster Badminton
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Poster Badminton
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Download the Poster!

If you are interested in the Badminton poster, you can download it above. There is a digital version, to share on your social media, and a version to send to the printer.


Walter Baardemans –


By signing up as an athlete for EuroGames 2022, you can make use of the many benefits our international event in Nijmegen has to offer. 

  • • You will participate in a professionally organized tournament
  • • You can be a part of the EuroGames Opening Ceremony on Wednesday 27 July
  • • You can be part of the EuroGames Closing Ceremony on Saturday 30 July
  • • You have access to the Sports Village
  • • You can make use of a discount on public transportation in Nijmegen
  • • You have access to pre-sale tickets for signature parties
  • • You will have access to various sports, human rights workshops plus arts, and cultural events in Nijmegen 

If you have already signed up for another sport, you can still take part in the badminton tournament as a second sport for an additional € 20.  Please note that timetables of sports may overlap; make sure that the dates and times of the badminton tournament are not in conflict with any of the other sports you want to participate in!